Viva is built by Volunteer Hands!  We endeavour to provide a volunteer experience to suit the needs of every individual, or group wishing to give their time, talents and efforts, to benefit underprivileged communities. 


Once-off, Sporadic or Regular Opportunities (without accommodation)

1. Mandela Day 

Our motto is "Every Day is Madiba Day at Viva SA" and on the 18th of July each year we go BIG.  Volunteer opportunities are available to individuals and groups at all our sites in Mamelodi East and the Viva Sharehouse in Cullinan.  Activities include painting (artists and 'regular' paint jobs), cooking, cleaning, gardening, farming, building etc. 

Details are posted on the Viva Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/viva.village and the Events page on the website. 

2. Art Festivals

We have Township Art Festivals in Mamelodi.  We call on bona fide artists to donate their time and talent to create Living Art Galleries, by transforming homes into works of art in the informal settlements and townships, where we work.  Other volunteer opportunities at the Art Festivals include cooking, service, setting up equipment, music and entertainment and general assistance.  

3. Events and Outings for Children

We have several events and outings including the Family Day for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (winter and Christmas) as well as Year End Functions and special trips.  Volunteers need special clearance in accordance to the Viva Child Protection Policy.  

4. Corporations and Groups on their own schedule

We accommodate groups and companies for Team Building and Volunteer days as far as possible, upon their own initiative and when they wish to come.  

5. Off-site, ongoing, sporadic, or regular assistance 

Some activities are possible, such as fund-raising, marketing, organising and administration, at a volunteer's own home and their own time.  Assisting Viva for instance on a weekly basis etc. or when help is needed, can be a rewarding investment for the volunteer and is extremely helpful to Viva.  Farming at the Viva Sharehouse, is likewise an activity that allows for sporadic or regular assistance. 

Offering courses, assisting in the Youth Development Programme, Skills Development or other activities at Viva, are all examples of Volunteer opportunities. 

Full-time, Short- Medium and Long Term Opportunities (with accommodation) 

A minimum of three weeks and maximum of three months for full-time volunteer have been found to be a practical solution for full-time volunteers.  Details on cost and requirements, can be found in the Volunteer Info Pack. 

1. Outreaches - There is a possibility for volunteers to accompany the Viva Team on outreach-style events, such as the Art Festivals, or trips to Viva Kids Bushbuckridge.  These outreaches are usually a few days, or few weeks long and volunteers are welcome to accompany the team, depending on their available skills and the need.  Details are posted on the Viva Facebook page at www.facebook.com/viva.village 

2. Viva Sharehouse - There are limited spaces available to accommodate volunteers at the Viva Sharehouse, Cullinan.  Costs for meals, accommodation, transport and administration are detailed in the Info Pack.  Work include farming, gardening, admin and household duties at the Sharehouse and duties at the Viva Village and events. 


 All information is available in the Volunteer Form.

If you want to get involved, please download the following document Volunteering at Viva - Info Pack and send it to us per fax or as a mail attachment.

Fax 086 634 3386 and Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.