The Viva Foundation of South Africa offers an extensive and varied palette of sponsorship opportunities to suit the needs and involvement-strategy of all funders.  


It is possible for an individual sponsor to carry the cost of smaller items, such as a birthday party for one of our Viva Kids, or the education and care of a child in Viva Kids and the Viva Village Independent School. 

Likewise there are medium- to larger scale projects and interventions for businesses, philanthropies, foundations and institutions.  For Corporate Sponsors, Viva offers well-managed projects and programmes, with BBBEE and CSI reporting and compliancy in place.  

There are funding opportunities in all four of our focus areas:  CHILDREN, POVERTY ALLEVIATION, ART & SEXUAL VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND RESPONSE.  In the light of the fact that the organisation endeavours to meet the needs of the most vulnerable of beneficiaries, the need for regular, monthly donations and secure funding for our Operational Costs of all Projects, remain acute. 


Donations to the Viva Foundation are tax deductible in South Africa and Germany.  The organisation is one of only 15 South African charities with "Nation Builder" status, which testifies of a stringent due-diligence and capacity verification process that was successfully completed by an independent body (Muthobi).  

Finances are audited annually by the independent chartered accounting firm, Strachan & Crouse, in Pretoria and the same firm also does the organisation's bi-monthly VAT management and monthly PAYE and UIF management.  All compliancy issues with regard to the Department of Social Development (Non-Profit Organisation reporting and status), South African Revenue Services (Public Benefit Organisation reporting and status) and Dept. of Labour (Workman's Compensation, Unemployment Fund and HR management) are carried out and overseen by Strachan & Crouse.  Audited financials and Annual Reports, as well as the organisation's Business Plan, are freely available to the public.  

If you are interested in our projects you can find more information here.

For more detailed information and an abridged project proposal for each of our initiatives, please get in contact with us.

  1. Birthday Parties for Underprivileged Children
  2. Viva Kids Early Learning Centre - Monthly Sponsorship
  3. Viva Village Independent School - Monthly Sponsorships 
  4. Project Funding - HIV/AIDS & Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care Programme
  5. Project Funding - Viva Kids Early Learning Centre - Capital Expenditure
  6. Project Funding - Tomorrow's People @ Viva Independent School - Capital and Operational Expenditure
  7. Project Funding - Youth Development Programme
  8. Project Funding - Poverty Alleviation (Enterprise Development)  
  9. Project Funding - Poverty Alleviation (Skills Development)
  10. Project Funding - Promotion of the Arts in Underprivileged Communities (Viva Township Art Project & Living Art Galleries)
  11. Project Funding - SAPRI Systems (Sexual Violence Prevention and Response)
  12. Project Funding - Viva Feeding Scheme 
  13. Project Funding - The Viva Sharehouse (Training & Administration Centre)
  14. Project Funding - Establishing a New Viva Village in an Underprivileged Area