The Viva Township Art Project endeavours to create a Living Art Gallery in underprivileged areas, by transforming homes into works of art.  We call on all artists to volunteer their time, talent and efforts at the Viva Township Art Festivals and also in their own time.

Street- and Graffiti Artists, Cartoonist, Fine Artists and any art discipline are welcome.  We usually liaise with the home-owner and incorporate their wishes to the best of our ability, while giving the artist freedom to express him/herself.  Art should be 'family friendly' and non-offensive as it is in the open and on the home of a family. We steer clear from political- and religious concept art and strive to beautify the communities through art.  

Where needed and possible, we ask artists to introduce a local artist, or young person from the area, to art, through mentorship-style training, while they are busy creating their art.  

Details of upcoming Art Festivals are posted on the Viva Facebook Page at 

For more detailed information, download this pdf and get in contact with us. (Township Art PDF)