Viva Covid-19 Disaster Relief Management Initiative


The Viva Disaster Relief Management Team is responding to the most pressing need, namely food insecurity

Funding from individuals and companies, made it possible to begin meeting the need for food parcels, but much more is needed and will be needed to step up the challenge in the weeks and months to come. 

Update 10 July 2020 
The Hunger Virus
Viva Food Distribution Melville Team, distributed 427 weekly parcels yesterday and the Mamelodi Team, 65 monthly parcels.
Week-long parcels have a 5kg bag of maize, with groceries and vegetables, for a family of 4/5 for a week. The monthly parcels have a 12,5 kg maize, a 10 kg rice and groceries for 5 people for a month.
In Mamelodi, the recipients are beneficiaries of the Viva Programmes in the Alaska Informal Settlement and we have opened our school feeding Programme as well this week. By next week, we will be feeding 270 learners daily in addition to the food parcels sent home.
In Melville, people from a variety of backgrounds and situations queue for a ticket on Wednesdays to receive the parcels on Thursday. Homeless, unemployed and underprivileged people from Melville, surrounding settlements and the Johannesburg CBD stand from as early as 2 am to ensure they get a number.
Let us never become used to seeing these weekly updates and take the enormity of the problem and personal sacrifice of the workers and donors for granted.
OXFAM has labeled this outbreak „The Hunger Virus“, because the hunger, as a result of the economic meltdown, causes thousands of deaths daily, across the globe.
Stand with us, between the living and the dead and hold this Killer at bay until the crisis is over. Donations can be made to Viva Foundation, FNB Cheque Account 62248843270 Reference „Melville“ or „Mamelodi“. Donations are Tax Deductible in South Africa, Germany and soon also in the UK.
Pre-Corona Pandemic, the organisation fed almost 300 children at the Viva Kids Early Learning Centre, Viva Village Independent School and Viva Youth Development, two cooked meals daily.  About 15 families received food parcels delivered to their homes.  We have 272 families on our list of school beneficiaries and a further 250 families associated with our SAPRI programme.   Providing food parcels for them, has proven much more expensive than cooking the meals at the Centre.  In fact, the cost has increased almost 10-fold.  Furthermore, the other families in the area, likewise look to Viva for food parcels as ours is the only service centre in this community of 22 000 people.  We have begun making small parcels available also to families who are not on our list, in order to meet the growing need for food.  We have limited resources, but the need is great.  


From March to June 2020 we have distributed in Mamelodi and Melville, Johannesburg, food parcels that provided an estimated 518 000 individual meals.  [Large parcels for 5 persons for 3 weeks x 2 meals a day and smaller parcels for 5 persons for 1 week x 2 meals a day].  We are hoping to be able to provide A MILLION MEALS by the end of the lockdown.  It is within our reach, with the help of individuals and companies. 

Please DONATE to this initiative.  For the Melville distribution, please use "Melville" as donation reference and for Viva Village, please use "Mamelodi" as reference. 

We post weekly updates on the Feeding Scheme and photos of the distributions on our Facebook Page at