VIVA Foundation UK - Newsletter April 2020

Dear Friends


Viva Foundation is now registered in the UK and we are in the process of opening a bank account and setting up our charity's activities. We had planned to travel to the UK for our first Trustees Meeting in May this year, but those plans had to be placed on hold.  Also, the process of opening a charity bank account seems to be on hold as we are not getting response from our contact with the bank.  We are nevertheless very excited that our organisation is expanding.  


These are very unusual times and it makes one thankful for every blessing, every friendship, every family tie and all the material comforts that we can enjoy, despite, perhaps having to enjoy them in confinement.


A very troubling impact of schools closing as a necessary preventative measure against the Corona Virus threat, is the risk of Hunger and Domestic Violence to underprivileged children, who depend on the meals they receive at school and for whom school was the only safe place. 

These children are going hungry and are extremely vulnerable to domestic violence and sexual exploitation, alone at home, or worst still, at home in the presence of unemployed adults.  

They need food, they need support, but the donations have dropped very dramatically, as individual donors are concerned for their own future and the uncertainty the pandemic has unleashed on the economy.  


Remote schooling is very difficult in a community that has no computers and internet access.  We are looking into broadcasting lessons via the radio, and also to hand out lesson worksheets with the food parcels.

The drop in donations, combined with the higher need for services, is a very concerning reality faced by charities.  

The Viva Foundation has likewise noticed this drop in donations and cannot maintain the services with the level of funding it receives, without urgent assistance.  

We need money for groceries so that we can take food parcels to extremely vulnerable households and to maintain our team of social workers and care workers, that will manage the support under the restrictions.

Presently, we have been posting a need on Social Media for food and financial assistance.  This is MONTHLY need - if we are to provide only 300 food parcels per month, € 20 each, plus provide protective gear, transport and stipends to the teams doing the food parcels and our faculty members who will be supporting the learners remotely with educational material and follow up, an additional €10 000 per month will barely be enough. 

We call on everyone who is able to make a donation of €20, or more, to please do so urgently.  

Updates and reporting will be posted via the Viva social media platforms and per email newsletter.  Please provide your details, if you wish to receive a Donation Receipt.  

Thank you very much for your support! 

Leon and Meleney Kriel and the Viva Team
Registered in the following countries: 

Viva Foundation e.V. [Germany]
Viva Foundation of South Africa [NPO & PBO]
Viva Foundation UK [United Kingdom]